Business Consulting

Business Consulting.

Analyze the market for for your products, search an help choosing the best suitable foreign partner or Investor, planning and conducting of meetings, developing of a business plan for your project, development of a risk mitigation plan during the work with the foreign partners.

legal Consulting.

Consultation on the nuances of Chinese taxation, workflows and reporting. Development and preparation of the contract in both languages, assistance with the transaction, passing through the customs clearance of goods in China, registration of the documents required for customs clearance (licenses, certificates, permits).

Exhibition appearence

Choose the right fair, define clear goals, create a budget and time plan, prepare a team for your stand, choose the right target group for your products, define the benefit for the visitors, send invitations to the right companies, help you to communicate your exhibition presence (website, email, etc.), plan and build a professional exhibition stand, organize the transport and accommodation during the exhibition.

Production Consulting

Selection and audit of Chinese factories, ordering and testing of samples, planning and opening of production in China, commissioning of OEM, ODM or contract manufacturing, development of a plan and monitoring of quality of raw materials, production process and shipping.


WEST & EAST is constantly working with various carriers to ensure a 100% guarantee of quick and successful shipment of cargo. In addition, our company cooperates with fulfillment centers in six Chinese cities. That’s why WEST & EAST employees quickly solve many kinds of logistical problems.

  • Temporary storage of goods in warehouses.
  • Consolidation of goods in a single load from different suppliers.
  • Freight transport by water, air, rail and road to the destination.
  • Car transport services.
  • container shipping
  • Delivery from door to door.

Car / Truck export

We have good relationships with suppliers in Germany, the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, the United States and Canada. We can order various models of Mercedes-Benz, BMW,Audi, Land Rover, or any other brand. If you have a wish, please contact us by email.

Buy Machines

We will find the right source for your type of machine, based on your technical specification. We will make sure that the machinery safety standards, labeling Requirements & technical documentation are fulfilled and the replacement parts and warranties are clear for both sides.

Representation of foreign companies

Doing business remotely with China can often be difficult. It is usually impossible to solve even the smallest problems, or you are spending too much time trying to find the right path. The reasons for such problems are distance, language barrier and lack of direct contact. Our company will gladly provide you the service “Representative in China”. Our local staff are locally knowledgeable and speak perfect Chinese, as well as German. This is a big plus for doing business with the Chinese. Your representative will check all your orders, conduct all negotiations, go to the place of production and contact all business associates. The representative will provide you with all the necessary documents and fill them in on-site.

Buy / Rent apartment / commercial space

West& East will conduct a search in your desired area and budget, check the quality of the facilities, give a report and prepare the needed paperwork.

Accounting Services

We will find the right partner to be responsible for controlling, finance and accounting, as well as treasury and tax, risk management, auditing and any insurances for your company.


We will conduct a market investigation and help you with creating and launching a new brand in the Chinese market. West& East will develop an advertising strategy, coordinate and plan the new market development. We will look for new distribution channels as well as establish an after-sales service plan.

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