WEST & EAST offers online marketing and everything that belongs to it. We are professionals in Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Taobao, JD, Alibaba and also in offline marketing. We have many years of experience that we would like to pass on to share with you and lead your business to success. As the name “WEST & EAST” suggests, we are specialists in Western European countries, such as Germany and the eastern Asian countries such as China or South Korea. Our specialists are represented in several countries. Thus, we can create and implement targeted marketing strategies and software solutions for these countries.

Marketplaces: eBay, Amazon, SEO, SEA, Taobao, JD, Listing Optimization

Marketplace SEO

Whether eBay, Amazon, Taobao or JD, proper SEO for the respective platforms is indispensable for a successful listing. We use special analysis tools to find the conversion keywords for you and optimize your listing based on those keywords. We monitor the development of the listing and adjust keywords if necessary.

Marketplace SEA

SEA on Marketplaces has become an important success factor. If in the past only SEO was enough, nowadays the combination of both is the solution. We’ll build the right campaigns based on the conversion keywords and follow your budget exactly for each product. We only run campaigns that are in the respective margin.

Listing Optimization

Not only high-quality images, good content, keywords, storytelling, but also the choice of the right category is crucial in the fight for the important places that lead to the crucial sales. We take your hand from the beginning and save you from mistakes and negative experiences that you usually occur if entering a new marketplace.

Google SEO/SEA

We support you in the technical part of the necessary SEO measures, such as OnPage optimization, as well as in the OffPage optimization. We analyze the keywords that are relevant to you and create an information structure for your page (micro + macro structure). Based on this structure, we generate the relevant content for you. We create the right internal as well as external links for you. In doing so, we only use Google-accepted SEO starters.

Niche analysis (price, competition, keywords)

You have a product idea or know manufacturers of interesting and high quality products? Unfortunately, you do not know whether the market is already saturated or whether your purchase price is sufficient to withstand to the competition? We analyze your niche together with you and decode the potential. After the analysis, you will know exactly whether a market entry with your product is promising or not.

Fulfillment (FBA, FBE, own warehouse)

For all our stock movements the software JTL-Wawi supports us. JTL-Wawi is a multichannel software solution with which you can compare stocks on eBay, Amazon, own online shops or FBA (Fullfilment by Amazon) very accurately. We partner with JTL-Software official service partners and know every step of the way and every process of this solution. So if you are looking for a fulfillment warehouse or want to optimize your warehousing processes with an effective software solution, then you are in the right place. We have the necessary competence to improve your IT-processes .

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